Industry Leader in Pool Design

Some of Australias largest and best known commercial and residential builders are our clients, who recognise Steve Dolan as an industry leader.

The majority of our enquiries for new pools originate from our existing clients. Recommendation is the mainstay of our business. Key features that will allow you to depend on Steve Dolan:

  • Steve Dolan Pools & Surrounds are constructed to the highest standards.
  • Security for your investment by dealing with a substantial builder.
  • Peace of mind through confidence in our abilities.
  • Management stability assures ongoing support.
  • Depth of experience to deliver reliability and quality.

Success breeds success. Over half our new inquiries are direct referrals from existing customers.

At Steve Dolan Pools & Surrounds we have the experience to give you the swimming pool of your dreams. Over the years we have done just that for thousands of families, creating pools and surrounds that have added a new dimension to their lifestyle and added value to their homes.

From the day he begins your pool, you can be assured that Steve is only a phone call away.

Building a pool which is as maintenance free as technology will permit.

To identify lifestyle opportunities that will increase family time together and property value.

Our standards are the highest. Our commitment to your new pool will be total.